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Former Fragrance Manager at NORDSTROM Nicholle Edwards has DEF smelled the Roses *& Orchids for that matter* of every single possible color. Working with the top Perfume Reps across the globe, Nicholle Christine developed a deep connection with the companies, experienced the desire and inspiration to create & wanted to share her vision with a new wave of young men & women giving them the 7 STAR ultimate essence experience when consulted. Growing up with the nick name "CoCo" given to her by her father at birth, she was surrounded with antique bottles of CoCo Chanel that her Aunts or special ladies in the community would gift to her. This inspired Nicholle to embrace the gift of being able to design her entire world around the scents she was consumed in every way possible. Nicholle continues today to enhance the senses daily by using one of her favorite 6 senses: SMELL. You may find Nicholle in such places as local Florists, Farmer's Markets, The Rocky Mountain National Forest or her favorite place to date, Roosevelt Park Rose Labyrinth breathing in one deep breath at a time.

J'utilise actuellement au moins 5 parfums

Je me parfume : Les poignets / bras, Le corps, Le cou, Les cheveux, Derrière les oreilles, Les vêtements, Le décolleté/le buste, Vous passez à travers un nuage de parfum

J’ai un parfum que j’utilise au quotidien et un autre pour les occasions spéciales, Je n’utilise pas le même parfum en journée et en soirée, Je change de parfum en fonction de la saison, Je n’utilise pas le...

J'utilise : Carven Homme, Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique, Coco Mademoiselle, Coco Mademoiselle Eau de toilette, Jimmy Choo, ALIEN, Eau parfumée au thé blanc, FLOWERBOMB, Burberry Body Tender, Balenciaga Paris...

J'utilise du parfum : 7 fois par semaine

J'achète du parfum : Une fois par mois

20 avis
La Petite Robe Noire Couture

A LOT of women LOVED this before they yanked it off our shelves & sent to The Rack!! It was a low neutral scent, clean & affordable! Was ladies's everyday scent. They had a...

La vie est belle l’Eau de Toilette

Heavy, strong, thick & long lasting....but pleasant smell.

Prada Candy Florale

Prada Candy line is VERY gentle, soft & VERY very fem. I would service complete living dolls of every age range because that is type of instant attraction matched the personality....

Omnia Indian Garnet

Fresh blast of multiple scents slam your senses with this one. Very "island" smell to me vs the spicy. This would be a great event scent for a Summer BBQ or Exotic Cruise Ball!!!